The Hilliard Fam

Denver, NC   Family Photography


I am thinking it may take me a year to catch up with all the sessions I haven’t blogged yet…but when I look at the bigger picture- it means I’m rockin the pics to the families first then eventually posting them on here. The best news of all is…I have some beautiful families heading your way on here!


The beautiful Hilliard family and I have lots of funny stories from our evening in the mushy, rainy and muddy farm session! Their kids were absolutely perfect and happy as happy gets. I’m thinking Trey isn’t the biggest fan of spiders or creepy bugs…which I don’t blame him at all. Old run down farms are covered in tons of those kinds of critters…so we had many laughs of Trey dodging bugs! Little miss Madi didn’t love the grass but she was perfect regardless. (maybe just 1 foot up in the air trying to avoid the grass!) ha! They got tons of incredible “Wall-worthy” shots from this session…hope you enjoy them!!


untitled-46 copy 1

untitled-5 copy copy

untitled-60 copy copy

untitled-28 copy copy

untitled-2 copy 2

untitled-50-2 copy copy

untitled-100 copy copy

untitled-90 copy 2 copy

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