The Williams Family {2013 edition}

Davidson, NC    Family and Newborn Photographer


A family near and dear to my heart added another beautiful little girl to their growing family just recently…and I had been counting down the days to finally meet her! I love surprises, and none of us knew if this little muffin was a girl or a boy until she entered this world- so fun!! Little Miss Ellie is just perfect! She reminds me of her big sister, Mary Caroline.  Since Christy and Trey didn’t do formal “newborn” photos with their first two little ones, they decided that it wouldn’t be fair to give little miss Ellie her own supermodel session either…so we captured the essence of their whole family. The kids are so excited to have a new sister…and that always makes me happy inside! And no, it is not normal to look this amazing after just delivering your 3rd baby- so don’t feel discouraged when you see how put together Christy is! 🙂 That’s just how Christy rolls…always pulled together perfectly and just as sweet as a peach. {yet another reason why we love her so much} The Williams Family truly radiate the love for each other that all families deserve to have…and those 3 little ones have a lifetime of fun and love ahead of them!! Enjoy…. xo


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untitled-123 copy 1 copy

untitled-144 copy

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untitled-84 copy

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