Baby WALT {hi new world}

Charlotte, NC   Newborn & Child Photography


I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this little peanut! Baby Walt is so tiny and precious. Oh, and so loved. And his gorgeous big sister is super excited…she danced, sang and kept a close watch on her new lil buddy. Bri and Matt are so happy to have their new addition to their family…and I just know the chaos of being parents has just begun! Not to mention the fact that Matt is back in school (full time) and working full time as well. hello busy family. I am so glad I got to enjoy an afternoon with these precious people…and cannot wait to watch their love continue to grow as a family of four! Enjoy their beauty and their handsome addition, Mr. Walt.


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untitled-81 copy copy


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untitled-33 copy 2 copy

untitled-118 copy 2 copy

and I had to add this hilarious outtake….boys will be boys! 🙂

untitled-159 copy 1 copy

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