Braxton {6 months} + his big family

Shelby, NC  Family & Group Photography


I enjoyed an afternoon at Bridges BBQ in Shelby, NC before we started our awesome session in downtown Shelby a few days ago…and I am sure it was worth every calorie and every moment in the cold. Great BBQ (hushpuppies & sweet tea too), and awesome photos of a wonderful family. I could’ve stayed there for  10 days and had new, cool locations to shoot the whole time! I would never get bored there! Hillary has the sweetest lil 6 month, Braxton and he was such a trooper to party in the cold with us. We captured her whole family…including her mom and dad & her sister and brother-in-law. We laughed and froze…hope you enjoy!!

Braxton-138 copy

Braxton-8 copy b

Braxton-34 copy

Braxton-80 copy

Braxton-47 copy b


Braxton-95 copy b

Braxton-149 copy b

Braxton-117 copy b

Braxton-108 copy 1

Braxton-162 copy

Braxton-175 copy

Braxton-185 copy

Braxton-176 copy

Braxton-197 copy

Braxton-217 copy

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