The Brockway Family

Davidson, NC  Family Lifestyle Photography


I cannot begin to explain how wonderful the Brockway Family is, but let’s just say I love them.  They have been a special part of my life since I was in 9th grade and I am so thankful to have them.  We took their photos at their home in Davidson, it is gorgeous and they have made it their happy haven, full of beauty. Aynsley has been a best friend since I can remember and her incredible parents have always been those loving, understanding & supportive parents for her and I both. Dr. Brockway has a calming strength when he’s near, strong love for his wife and daughter & wise beyond many human beings- on every level. Polly is beautiful and full of joyful love, the most incredible gardener I’ve ever known and all while taking care of her family.  Aynsley is beautiful inside and out, so smart and loyal. Some of the best memories I have are with Aynsley next to me! oh, and can’t forget Diesel, the handsome German Shepard that eats, sleeps and breaths for his Mommy, Ayns.  I enjoyed our evening so much…hope you enjoy their peek!!




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