Baby Landon has arrived!!

Charlotte, NC   Newborn and Children Photographer


I couldn’t wait to meet this lil smushy cutie pie Landon! 6 days new and I got to snuggle him and mold him into the perfect posed babe that he is. Shari and Reggie are so excited to be a new mommy and daddy, and you would think they’ve done it for years. (so natural) Landon is a BIG boy to say the least…basically super strong and muscular already.  Love everything about him though but the best is his lil furrowed brow–it’s his signature move right now. Hope you enjoy his beautiful photos…


3 Comments on “Baby Landon has arrived!!

  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Landon, you have no idea how much your mommy & daddy love you! I can look at these pictures and just feel the love and excitement in the Blackmon household. The Fireman photos… priceless! I love it!

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