Baby Reynolds


Shelby, North Carolina Maternity Photographer


Caroline and Joe are expecting their first little bundle of joy in 5 weeks and I know they just can’t wait to meet him. Throughout the pregnancy they were told they were having a little girl, well- up until a week ago, when they discovered their little miracle is actually a handsome little boy. I can’t even imagine the shock they’ve been through in the past week. But both Mommy & Daddy are super-model tall…so they may have the next NBA star in their future. 🙂 I met them out on their 400 acre farm near Shelby and had such a great time playing with their horses…I didn’t want to leave. Caroline & Joe are going to be awesome parents very soon! Enjoy…


3 Comments on “Baby Reynolds

  1. Great, great pics. Have them all framed. It would be hard to pic a favorite.

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