The Bahr Family

April 30, 2012: Denver, NC  {Lifestyle / Family Session}


Capturing the Bahr family was an absolute blast for me…we hung out, chatted and played around. Chris and Mai-Lis have two absolutely stunning children (THE OBVIOUS) but they are the most fun kiddos ever. Makes me super excited for when my 3 amigos grow to be those ages. Mai-Lis is one of the designers/owners of Addie & Ella so I have worked with her before and Addie too…but this was way more fun for me this time, I got to actually get to know their family.  Carson is the sweetest and silliest kid I think I’ve ever photographed…I just love him. And well, as you can see Addie will melt your heart as well. I just adore that their beauty isn’t just skin deep. They made me laugh and smile the entire time. Hope you enjoy their sneak peek…



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