The Kinmon 3

April 7, 2012: Denver, NC  {lifestyle family session}


Never a dull moment around these beautiful blondes! I have watched them grow up session after session, and I LOVE IT!! Rylan is 8 months already and it feels like yesterday that I was at the hospital meeting him for the first time. He could possibly be the happiest baby I’ve ever photographed…he smiled almost the entire time! The twins, Mia and Aniston were angels this time too…their best session yet! Getting all three to look in one direction is hard enough…I can’t even imagine trying to get all 3 kids walking in one direction to run errands! (Bless their sweet Mommy) We also played with their new pets…Hewey, Dewey & Louie, tiny lil ducklings. The girls love them so much that we feared for the ducky’s lives! The 3 Kinmon kiddies are going to be unstoppable soon…I just love them! Enjoy their sneak peek…


the hook for the 3 kiddies…sweet ducky 🙂

One Comment on “The Kinmon 3

  1. I love every one of them! This is my favorite session ever! Thank you for your amazing work! Happy Easter!

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