Welcome baby Gilmore!!

March 5, 2012

Charlotte, NC Newborn Photographer {HELLO WORLD}

I met 6 day old little Gilmore yesterday, and couldn’t have been any happier seeing another tiny & fabulous little one! Mine has grown too big, too quick so I will take any chance I can get to cuddle another tiny peanut. Gilmore was only 6 lbs 9oz, so she is a little one for sure. (my favorite) She was the PERFECT baby for her newborn photoshoot…slept pretty much the whole time. Victoria & Jason couldn’t be any more wrapped around this little ones finger, and it makes my heart so happy! Looking forward to watching her grow up, enjoy her sneak peek…

3 Comments on “Welcome baby Gilmore!!

  1. Congratulations! What a lovely family. I’m sure Snoop and Bibi are very proud!

    The Arceses

    AKA Poppi and Nonni

  2. Gilmore is beautiful ! What a great journey the 3 of you have to look forward to. Best wishes, Al & Barb O’Donnell

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