Jason + Victoria

February 11, 2012: Denver, NC  {BABY BUMP session}

Meeting this awesome couple yesterday started off all wrong and hilarious at the same time…I forgot I had a bottle down my shirt (warming it) while I was driving and met them with it still in place, and then having them drive all over the county (following me) to our locations and I got lost/had to turn around 3 times. I bet they thought I was crazy, but I blame it all on pregnancy brain still! 🙂 Victoria and Jason are a beautiful couple and were the best sports any photographer could ask for…it was FREEZING outside and the wind was blowing so hard my hands and camera actual froze! I had a great time with them and you can tell how much they adore each other in all their photos. Their little girl will be arriving in March and she is already one lucky little princess. Cannot wait to meet her soon, enjoy their sneak peek!



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