Hello World…I am Kolt

December 26, 2011: Charlotte, NC  {Personal}


I know I haven’t posted anything in a week or so…but we had a couple fun events occur. Christmas is obviously one, and it was by far the best Christmas our family has ever had! I hope everyone had just as wonderful a Christmas! My amazing news is we had our 3rd handsome little man on December 22nd @ 11:55pm. 🙂 He is a gift from God and couldn’t be more perfect! We went shopping at Target and 2 hours later he was here! Since he was only 35 weeks gestation, he is tiny (currently 5lbs 6oz) but strong. I’m taking a couple weeks off to love on him and get him nice and strong for his big brothers! Looking forward to seeing everyone in January and 2012…it’s going to be a phenomenal year, I just can feel it! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all!!


a quick peak of our newest little man…KOLT HUNTLEY (24 hours old)

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