The Thompson Family

Charlotte, NC

Family and Child Photographer


As I climbed into my car last night I called Cam & Mindy and said “it’s storming here- shall we still try to make our session happen?”- the immediate answer was YES, it’s clear and sunny here. So, off I went and I am pretty sure I drove in the eye of the storm the entire 50 minute trip. I couldn’t believe it was sunny where we were meeting…but as I got closer I could see the perfect circle of clear blue skies up ahead of me. Right before I arrived the rain closed in and started a huge downpour…but to make a long story short- we stuck to our plan and ended up doing our photos anyway. Breaks of sunlight and drops of rain here and there added to the beauty of this botanical garden and adorable family. Cam & Mindy adore their precious little Stella. She is two and that is exactly the stage she is in…”I do it” stage! (One of my favorites actually…well, for photography!) We had fun and made it work, hope you enjoy their peek!


Ella & Kate

April 22. 2012: Belmont, NC  {LIFESTYLE session}


I think I keep repeating myself lately about how much I LOVE what I do…but really, I adore it. I love spending fun time with all these wonderful friends. I love that I make people smile, and I love that I capture a moment that will most likely never happen again. Silly laughs, faces a toddler makes that are the “look” of this phase in their life…it all makes me happy.

I spent yesterday morning with some of my favorite people…Ella & Kate- and oh, yes, their awesome parents, Matt & Lindsay. Kate just turned 2 and seriously is stunning. Ella is just as beautiful and so fun. We had a blast playing around the lil town & especially my favorite part…playing in this adorable boutique, Jolie- right on main street. Little girls in a boutique is just par for the course! Love them…enjoy their pics!

oh and yes- they are wearing the gorgeous Addie & Ella clothing line!! 🙂