Hi Jax {hello world}

Charlotte, NC  {newborn photography, family photography}


Another beautiful family is blessed with a gorgeous & healthy baby boy!! I am so blessed to have been able to capture such a special time of their lives for them! Stephanie and James welcomed their little man Jackson to this world earlier this month and they seem to have mastered this “baby” stuff already! It has to help that he is so so cute! I hope you enjoy a few of their precious images…



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The Schubert Family

Cornelius, NC   {Family Photography}


I was so happy to get to see the Schubert Family again, and they welcomed me so kindly into their beautiful home. Scott and Egle have the most precious little girl Gabi- and we were celebrating her first birthday! It was amazing to see the change in Gabi from the minute I walked in the door to the end when I was leaving. She was super shy to start and really opened up as time went by. She danced the moment she heard a good tune…and when I say “good” I mean- an awesome pop song that we all would love as well. 🙂 I loved their carefree way of life. We all just hung out in their home enjoying some family time…and just being real. No put on poses or shows. This is what it’s all about with family photography in my eyes!! I hope you enjoy a few of their beautiful photos!!


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Cameron {hello world}

Huntersville, NC   {newborn photography}


He arrived!! Shana and Brandon finally got to meet their little miracle! The Heagles and I hung out a few months ago and I captured the special belly photos…and in a blink of an eye (well for me) the little Cam is here! Such a blessing. I spent a morning at their home enjoying this little cutie pie, and I am so glad he was in the mood to stay squishy and lovey for us! He was an angel the entire time actually. I know I can’t always say that, so when I can brag on a newborn- I jump on it!! Although I still had my cast on- we used team work (with the help of Grandma) to rock Cam’s 1st official photoshoot.  I hope you enjoy a few of their images…

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Ryan + CJ = Brooklyn

Davidson, NC     {maternity photography}


After months of waiting…we FINALLY got to celebrate this beautiful baby bump!!! CJ contacted me right after they found out they were expecting and I was so so excited to see her! They are expecting their first baby in April, and it’s a girl! Baby Brooklyn is coming into a world with so much love for her, and how could that not warm your heart?! CJ and Ryan had to share the spotlight with their first baby, Marlon as well- their sweet dog! We had such a great time playing, laughing and just hanging out chatting…the time flew by! I could post 50 more images from their session and still not feel like I showed you all of my favorites! I hope you enjoy their growing love…and get excited to see their newborn baby girl in April! 🙂



cj 2

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Gone with the cast…

Huntersville, NC     {personal}


These have been the longest 96 days of my life. But I have survived, my children & husband have survived, my dogs have survived, my clients & friends have survived, our home is still standing {shockingly}, and somehow my business has survived. I am blessed. And even more thankful & grateful than ever before.

My final cast was cut off yesterday morning, while my youngest two boys watched in horror. They were sure the nurse was going to saw off my arm with the cast. It also didn’t help that the night before I was in the ER with our middle son Jax until 2am. Oh that’s a whole other blog entry on it’s own, but we thought he broke his arm. Turned out to be a nursemaid elbow, and a quick fix. THANK GOD! So, here I was staring down at this dry, flaky, swollen, weak arm. ick. and yes, the doctor was right- I also was gifted lots of new BLACK hairs on the arm as well. fabulous. But I was free. I could feel the cold air of the room. It didn’t even seem real. I wanted to cry.

I was cleared to leave and told to work on stretching it back out to have a normal range of motion again, and like that 96 days of headaches, bitterness and pain disappeared.

This morning I showered alone (which is a vacation on it’s own, let’s be real)- and I didn’t need an extra 10 minutes to prepare my arm for battle. No press n seal glad wrap, no plastic bag fights, and no tape to hold it all together.  I washed my hair with two hands. My right side of my scalp would be thanking me right now if it could talk. I was able to shave like I use to without having to do intense yoga positions. And even better than all of that (if that wasn’t enough already to make my day), I didn’t have a numb hand from holding it up in the air for 20+ mins. 🙂 I couldn’t think of a better Tuesday.

We all seem to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the rat race, or this so-called everyday life. We forget about all the tiny luxuries, and take them completely for granted.  I can’t even imagine how many of you have probably gone through this same experience, and many of you going through WAY worse currently.  Some of you may never get to be freed of the “cast”.  Whether a cast like mine, or a cast of other sorts. This cast has given me a chance to reflect on the simple things that I am so fortunate to have the ability to do.

As I type with two hands for the first time in 96 days, I sing Grace.  I am beyond thankful for this blessing, and God’s plan was obviously more important than mine.  I was made to slow down, and to spend many more hours and days with my family. It was all a blessing. Thank you for supporting me.

I am excited to share with you a couple iphone images from the doctor’s office yesterday…

Happy Tuesday friends!!

xo Heather

photo 2


photo 1

The Shait Family

Charlotte, NC  {family photography, child photography}


I can’t even believe it’s time to wish lil Walt a very happy first birthday, seriously? Where does a year go? I love love love this precious Shait Family! We changed up our traditional session scenery this time and met uptown in the North Davidson area for a little urban flare! After playing around the streets we went into the fabulous Smelly Cat coffee shop for a hot chocolate and some snuggling! So fun, always! Havens, their beautiful daughter gives me every possible reason to want to steal her away and add her to our family. Her singing and dancing brings in a crowd for sure! We ended with Walt’s cake smash, with a Fat Tuesday theme…this boy was born on one fabulous Tuesday! 🙂 I hope you enjoy…I love their love!!!


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Jax is ONE!!

Charlotte, NC   {child photography}


One of my bestest girlfriend’s little man Jax just turned ONE, and of course we had to photograph this special time!! I love how much Natalie adores her babies. Not really sure if there is a way to even begin to explain it, but trust me- she loves them endlessly. Due to this crazy 2014 weather, we chose to use a friend’s studio instead of risking the 28 degree cold. Smart move, but I am really not made for studios. Keeping kids in one spot and posed is impossible in my opinion- but we managed! And Jax couldn’t have looked any cuter. He is wearing adorable outfits from RuffleButts & RuggedButts, and he is also one of their precious models for their Spring 2014 clothing lines! {which should be releasing soon!} I hope!! YAY!! Enjoy this little muffin…

check out http://www.ruggedbutts.com for these perfect lil outfits!!

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