The Clary Family

Huntersville, NC    Family Photography


I have missed the Clary Family. It’s sad when you go from seeing a family every 3 months for their watch me grow sessions, and then their baby turns one and you only get to see them once or twice a year. boo. But I don’t want to whine, so on a cheery note- I got to spend an afternoon and evening with the Clary’s.  Their little Carter was as happy as can be until I got the bright idea of telling him to run around, and down he went- face first. The concrete wasn’t so forgiving, and the tears started flowing. 😦  {photographer fail} But after all that we still have some awesome images and LOTS of hysterical memories made!!! Enjoy!!!

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The Hill Family

Charlotte, NC    Family Photography


Why don’t I shoot downtown more often??? I always ask myself that after I see what fun images I take downtown! It has been a year since I have seen the sweet Hill Family and their babies have grown so much!!! We ran around like wild monkeys and I was excited to see if any of the pics had everyone looking!  Toddlers have their own minds, no doubt!! Carson is 3 and cracked me up the entire time. He was on a mission, and it didn’t involve the crazy lady with the camera. 🙂 Hope you enjoy this beautiful family!!

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The Geers Family

Davidson, NC    Family Photography


I hate to sound repetitive but I must have had a year of all my favs…because the Geers are at the top of my list for most fabulous families I adore photographing. It is wild how easy they make my job. It reminds me how it isn’t a job…and how much I LOVE what I do. Kelly & Greg have some of the sweetest, well-manered kids I have ever met, plus they couldn’t be any more adorable if they tried. Wonderful love shows in photos…look, and you will see. xxoo


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The Buford Family

Charlotte, NC    Family Photography

Probably the coldest morning of the year, I met the Buford Family for the first time…and it was 150% worth every second!!! Rockin the broken arm and awaiting my surgery I managed to layer up and get my camera some happy time. The Buford’s were beyond amazing. I still can’t believe how positive they all were although I knew not 1 of us could feel our fingers or toes!! Their lil muffin Landon just turned 2 and lit up the sky with his big, sweet smile!! Two year old boys give me an excuse to run around and dance like a fool…so I stayed a little warmer then everyone else! 🙂 Hope you enjoy…

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The Williams Family

Davidson, NC     Family & Child Photography


I was honored once again of photographing one of my dearest friends, the Williams. I can’t explain to others how wonderful & grateful I feel when my friends trust me with such an important job of capturing their forever memories. I get all warm & fuzzy inside thinking about it. Christy & Trey are the closest thing I know to a fairytale. Their love seems magical…thats the only word I can come up with honestly. The have a special love, and as a photographer I picked up on it the very moment they stepped in front of my lens. Now with a third baby, life is much more chaotic and there is a lot less time to really focus on each other but they still stand strong. I love watching their family grow. I hope you enjoy their happy chaos as much as I do!!!

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The Hyder Family

December, NC    Family & Child Photography


The Hyder Family is so easy to capture as they truly are. I adore that. They come, they play, they may even throw in some crazy sometimes…and all while looking so stinkin cute!! Adam and Emily love their kids…so in my eyes, all their world is right! 🙂 And have you ever seen hair this blonde in your life?! WOWZERS!!! Hope you enjoy…

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Mini Session Fabulousness

Charlotte, NC     Family & Child Photography

Enjoy some shots of many of the gorgeous families that I am grateful to have shot this Fall/Winter despite my crazy arm issues!! We had a blast and I loved seeing so many familiar faces, and many new ones too! I plan on doing many weekends of mini sessions in the Fall and Winter of 2014!!  I will planning those dates in the beginning of the new year and will fill them on a first come, first serve basis! Can’t wait!!! Enjoy!!!

The Blanco Family

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The Switzer Family

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The Rankin Family

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The O’Hara Family

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The Parkhurst Family


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The Schubert Family

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The Kelly Family

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The Kurtz Family

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The Ovitsky Family

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The Coleman Family

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Baby Zoey (maternity)

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The VanDeventer Family


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The Tate Children


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The Graham Family


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graham 3