The Ridge Family

Davidson, NC   Family Photography, Child Photography


Have I mentioned before that Fall is by far my favorite season to photograph families in? Or have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have such GORGEOUS clients? This time of year family means so much to so many- and I am so grateful to have a little part in all these incredible family’s lives.


The Ridge Family takes the phrase “awesome photograph” to the next level. Their session was a blast. I love Davidson for many reasons, but this time of the year I love it that much more!  Darcy & Brandon cannot take a bad photo, and their sweet boys have followed in their footsteps as well! I almost want to order giant prints of their family for my own walls! (Sad but true!!) 🙂 Hope you enjoy their peek!!

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The Kinmon Family

Charlotte, NC    Family Photography,  Child Photography


I love this sweet family…and their babies are seriously starting to look like triplets! I can’t believe how long I’ve been photographing them! We had a blast running around chasing these 3 little blondies! I love their chaos… and their beauty!! 🙂 Hope you enjoy!!!

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The Elliot Family

Davidson, NC    Family Photography, Child Photography


Ok guys since I have 20 family sessions awaiting a post and all their images- I’m keeping it crazy quick today!! Here is an adorable peek at the Elliot Family! Their precious kids are getting so big so fast!!! And how GORGEOUS is Autumn?!! (and this amazing farm?!) Enjoy!!!


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Madi is ONE

Cherryville, NC   Child photographer


I can’t handle this lil pumpkin’s cuteness. Madeline was so fantastic.  Her mama rocked the tunes in the car loud enough that Madi was able to dance throughout her entire 1st birthday session! I can’t believe it was a year ago that I was doing her newborn shots…and now she is wide open and happy as a peach!! Enjoy a peek t this fun session!!

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Lauren + Tim = CHLOE

Cornelius, NC   Newborn Photography


Lauren, her family and I go way back. I mean WAYYYYYY back.  Like we were small children.  yes, that far back.  And yes, I have not moved that far from where I originally started. Which makes my moments with her and her new little muffin even more special. Tim is the perfect addition to Lauren.  They really are beautiful together. And then there was Chloe. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS baby girl. (not that I wouldn’t have expected that though with 2 gorgeous parents) Chloe is one of the most beautiful newborn babies I’ve ever seen. Plus, she was a superstar and slept almost the entire shoot. I am so blessed to have been trusted enough to capture such a special time in their lives! I hope you enjoy a few teasers…some of my favs are being held hostage from the public and family for future fun!!

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The Colyer Family

Charlotte, NC   Family & Child Photography


Since I am on a roll tonight with FINALLY posting some of the love that has been in front of my lens lately…I will quickly show you one of the kindest, sweetest & most loving families EVER!!! The Colyer family includes 2 stunningly beautiful little girls, a perfect little puppy & the perfect Mom and Dad.  Seriously, check out the dictionary…then look under closest thing to a perfect family- there they would sit. 🙂  I enjoyed my morning, so much though that we lost track of time and the day was slipping away. I love capturing such incredible stories!!! Enjoy!!








The Peterson Family

Charlotte, NC    Family Photography, Child Photography


I was excited to shoot in the midwood plaza area, and to play with the sweet Peterson boys…and all those ingredients together made AWESOMENESS!  Ben & Gabe are so precious and I love how different they are!! But they’re both equally gorgeous!! Check out their cuteness!!


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hi MAX

Harrisburg, NC    Newborn Photography, Family Photography


The Thompson’s welcomed their newest addition to the world just a week before I got to meet him…perfect lil Max. 🙂  I was so thrilled for their family when I heard they were expecting another little one…and I knew the big sister Stella would be amazing! I spent the morning in their home snuggling Max, chatting with the family & yes, I suppose we took a few photos as well! 😉 I love when I get to visit a client’s home and see all my images covering their walls. It just makes my week!! Hope you enjoy some of their happiness!!

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The Maher Family

Charlotte, NC    Family photography


The Maher Family started off on the wrong foot (literally)– I felt terrible, Heather (the precious Mommy) was attacked by a giant pile of ants! 😦  That is never good, but I am grateful it wasn’t one of their precious lil ones!! They were fun to photograph and Kaylan, their daughter has an incredible imagination that entertained us all the whole time!! Hope you enjoy their (very late) peek!!!


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baby Edith

Charlotte, NC   Newborn photography, child photography

I loved meeting the brand new Sheedy family of three, and capturing their perfect lil bundle- Edith!! And just like most of the newborns, Edith decided to have her first big day of NOT wanting to sleep when I arrived. 🙂 Luckily after some sweet love, full belly & warmth she could no longer fight it, and passed out perfectly for us! Hope you enjoy a peek at their special memories!