The Rheault Family

Charlotte, NC    Family Photography, Child Photography


Nothing is more thrilling for me then a large and fun family. Yes, I know, I sound crazy. But it’s my truth. I enjoy the challenge and all the high energy.  I am driven by people and their energy so it’s 100% up my alley. It brings so much joy to me to watch a large family playing and interacting together.  In my heart I feel like it is what makes this world go round.  The Rheault Family succeeded in all these things in my eyes! Their handsome twin boys slept on their way to meet me, so in the beginning we were trying to wrangle them into a happy place…but their precious littlest man, Bentley made up for that with his happiness. I loved how peaceful & loving their Mom, Suzie was and how fun and loving their Dad, Matt was! Henry and Carson eventually woke up all the way and were ready to show me their fabulous sides of fun. The sun was breath-takingly gorgeous and our final product makes me smile from ear to ear.

Enjoy their family joy.

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Cameron {hello world}

Charlotte, NC    Newborn Photography,  Family Photography 


What man enjoys giving up his football Sunday for family photos??? Yep, I hear crickets. No one that I know.  So I knew when we scheduled a morning session for the Mayes Family it couldn’t last hours and hours. 🙂 Robert and Megan were awesome. And their new little man, Cam ROCKED it. I couldn’t believe how perfect and tiny he was for being a month old already. I had hopes of getting a few “newborn” shots of him, but assumed he would be too old to squish up into gooey perfection for us.  I was wrong…being a month early, gave us an extra month of newborn shots! YAY!  I loved hanging out with the Mayes’ and cuddling their precious Cam.


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Lyla {hello world}

Denver, NC    Newborn Photography, Family Photography


Oh sweet Lyla…her mommy and daddy so badly wanted her to sleep for her newborn session, but already knew before we started that if she had other plans then she would win. 🙂 She won.  She has been putting her foot down since in the womb. She does it her way. End of story. And that sometimes happens with newborns, so we go to plan B…capture them happy and wide awake.  We made it work and we had a gorgeous sunset to top it off! I loved spending my evening with the Alexander’s beautiful new addition…hope you enjoy!!

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sweet Peyton

 Charlotte, NC   Family and Child Photography


Tracy & Ron have such a cool story, {not that all my families don’t…} but it’s yet one more thing I adore about my job. I get to tell the love story of Tracy and Ron… which equals the precious Peyton. The Singer Family is the real life Brady Bunch…both having 2 children prior, and now with their newest addition! We decided to have their first session mainly focused on Peyton (since she is still so new), and our next session soon with all the kiddos! I loved my time with them and we had tons and tons of laughs hanging outside on their gorgeous farm.  Peyton wasn’t into the whole “sleep” thing as we had hoped, but I am so happy I was able to capture her gorgeous eyes! I hope you enjoy a few sneak peeks of their lovely family!!

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The Sink Family

Denver, NC    Family Photography, Children Photography


How could you not adore the Sink family?? I wanted to hang out at their house all night! We had rescheduled their session too many times to count (lovely summer weather) so we were determined to make it work this time!!! We quickly figured out that staying inside their home was NOT the answer to happy and fun kiddos!!! Outside we went…and the fun began! Their girls are to die for and I would easily keep them as my own. Such a fun family to photograph and you can see it in all their images!! Enjoy!!

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The Burton Family

Davidson, NC     Family Photography,  Child Photography


I love spending my morning with the Burton family!! They are seriously some of the kindest people…you just feel it the moment you meet them. All their kiddos were incredible and we’ve got some awesome memories for their walls to prove it! Hope you enjoy!!!

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The Linn Family

Charlotte, NC    Family Photography, Child Photography

A fun morning session with a sweet family…the Linn’s make a fabulous set of little girls!! Hope you enjoy!!!

ps- I’m CRAZY behind on my blogging (obviously. this family was photographed quite a while back now) oops- so I’m trying to do some speed sneak peeks to catch up!!!!

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