RuffleButts & RuggedButts fun

Charlotte, NC  Children’s Commercial Photography 


I am beyond grateful for yet another incredible opportunity I was given this month…RuffleButts & RuggedButts Photo shoot for some additional Fall items this year!! And super excited to say our next big shoot is in October for their Spring 2014 line! I am honored that they contacted me and I am so excited to be working with such a fantastic company. (and Family too!)

Honestly we had the cutest models EVER, plus some of the cutest ruffled clothing EVER…mixed in with a little attitude and a whole lot of fun. It was perfect! Here are a few teasers….


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a fun game of catch up…

Charlotte, NC    Family, Seniors, Newborn and Child Photography


This summer has been so so busy with amazing families and so many fun memories captured forever…but I have been working so many hours trying to get everyone their images as quickly as possible that I haven’t spent my normal amount of time on email, facebook updates and blogging. oops.  I decided to stop stressing about all the small stuff and try to do a quick blog post with some images from a few August sessions that I haven’t yet blogged.  Here you go…a giant page of fun and beauty!!!  I’ve been so so blessed to photograph every single one of these friends!

First up…

Sweet lil Sloan {hello world}

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untitled-5-2 copy 1 copy

untitled-80 copy b copy

untitled-142 copy copy


And now for lil Luke {hello world}…


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untitled-175 copy copy

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untitled-123 copy b copy

untitled-193 copy copy

untitled-119 copy copy


Now for a gorgeous Mother & Father to be… Sarah & Grayson

untitled-305 copy copy

untitled-276-2 copy copy

untitled-292 copy copy

untitled-213 copy

untitled-218 copy

untitled-251 copy 1 copy


Now for a fun morning lake session with a gorgeous family…The Webb Family (and their precious 3 blondies)

untitled-286 copy 1 copy

untitled-323 copy a copy

untitled-330-2 copy copy

untitled-337 copy 1 copy

untitled-365 copy 1 b copy


Moving on to Jennifer…2014 senior with the world at her fingertips! She’s beautiful and beyond sweet! 

untitled-25 copy copy

untitled-40 copy copy

untitled-16 copy copy

untitled-45 copy copy

untitled-60 copy 1 copy

untitled-106 copy 1 copy


And last but not least…the Hall Family! beyond the obvious (gorgeous home, and family)- we had a gorgeous sunrise & a perfect day!

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untitled-113 copy 1 copy

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untitled-17 copy copy

untitled-58 copy 1 copy

untitled-185 copy


untitled-186-2 copy

untitled-187 copy


The Knag Family

Denver, NC   Family & Children Photography


and yep, I am a good month behind on my blogging. typical these days…I apologize. I am going to show a few amazing shots from the Knag Family session, and then my next post is going to combine a huge group of photos, all from my sessions these past few weeks. I know, I know— not fair, and not personal…but I think most people would prefer I play a quick blogging catch up and then focus on editing their gorgeous photos for their flash drives!

So, on to the Knag Family…

gorgeous mom + handsome dad = 3 stunning little girls. This family makes me smile. Looking through their images…I can’t help but smile. They are truly beautiful inside and out…and not just for show. They are real.  And I have more respect for real then I ever will for those that are putting on a show to appear “perfect” to the world outside. I have learned so so much in these past few years of photography. One of the greatest things I have developed is my ability to read people, their love for one another, their relationships, and whether or not they are being real with themselves. I am so blessed to be able to grow through others and through these experiences with these incredible families. Three kids make you go crazy sometimes, and 3 girls might even be harder…but that’s what makes this world so beautiful to the Knags. Their chaos makes me feel a tad bit more “normal”…and I thank God for putting these people in my life.

ok enough sappy stuff for one night…the Knag Family rocks, just wait and you be the judge!!!

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untitled-53 copy copy

untitled-85-2 copy b copy

untitled-59 copy 1 copy

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untitled-21 copy

untitled-23 copy


untitled-30-2 copy copy

untitled-167 copy copy

untitled-107 copy

untitled-95 copy copy

untitled-147 copy 1 b copy

untitled-45 copy copy1

untitled-39 copy 1 copy

untitled-180 copy copy

untitled-201-2 copy



The Kastler Family

Charlotte, NC    Family Photography


I could write a novel about this amazing family, but since I have about 4 minutes before my boys bust into my office and tackle me down to the kitchen for snacks…I will keep it short.  Susan and Chris have been there for me since the very beginning of my photography journey, supporting me 100% all along the way. And even better…motivating me and lifting me up time and time again. They have constantly whispered in my ear that I have a talent and I should never sell myself for less then what I deserve. God knows, we all need more incredible people like the Kastlers in our lives. They are a beautiful family and have 3 precious little ones that keep growing up way too fast for me. I hope you enjoy their lil peek…


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untitled-71 copy1 copy

untitled-35 copy b copy

untitled-13 copy 1 copy

untitled-99 copy 1 copy

untitled-91 copy 2 copy

untitled-159 copy copy

untitled-125-2 copy copy

untitled-163 copy copy

and last but not least…a quick shot of their Big Girl Sloan who is starting Kindergarten this year!! 🙂

untitled-9 copy 1 copy

{hello world} baby Bennett

Charlotte, NC   Newborn Photography


A teeny tiny new little guy was born recently to some very excited parents, and I got to spend the afternoon with them all. Baby Bennett was older than my typical newborn session age, but he rocked it like a 5 day old nugget.  I fell in love with his big brother Finley (their golden retriever) as well…and he added so much fun to their photos! Hope you enjoy!!

untitled-32 copy copy

untitled-54 copy copy

1 copy

untitled-115 copy copy

untitled-108 copy copy

Landon is ONE

Charlotte, NC  Child Photography & Family Photography


Landon may be the only lil boy that I have met that didn’t want cake for his birthday…so instead of the usual cake smash session, we decided to let him play and be the little boy that he is!  Reggie and Shari have been wonderful friends of my husband and me for many many years now, and I can remember laughing about even the idea of filling their calm home with wild lil kiddo footsteps.  Now, a year after we did newborn photos for their perfect bundle of joy, we are capturing his vibrant big kid personality for his 1st birthday! Landon is one handsome dude, and I get so excited every time I get to photograph him. He makes my “job” a piece of cake. Happy Birthday big boy! Enjoy!!!

untitled-31-2 copy copy


untitled-82-2 copy copy


untitled-74-2 copy copy

untitled-80-2 copy

4 copy

untitled-90-2 copy b copy



Ellie Claire

Charlotte, NC  Newborn and Child Photography

I may have been a lil extra excited to meet Miss Ellie Claire, mainly because I had already been sucked in by her cuteness through the photos I had seen of her, and well, her parents are just gorgeous! Ellie Claire is 6 weeks and so cuddly and perfect. Emily and Jacob had two fur babies before they brought this lil princess into the world, so she came with 2 built in body guards…or best buddies. Ellie’s nursery is gorgeous and I have a great feeling that Miss Ellie will be loved and cherished to the max. Hope you enjoy their special moments…

untitled-154 copy copy

untitled-57 copy b copy

untitled-64 copy copy

untitled-150 copy copy


untitled-44 copy copy

untitled-123-2 copy copy

untitled-86 copy copy

untitled-217-2 copy copy