The Bruce Family

Charlotte, NC   Family Photography


A quick peek of some of my most favorite people on earth…the beautiful Bruce Family!  I can’t ever get enough of their fun and loving family….


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The Rogers Family

Mooresville, NC    Family and Children Photography


Ashley and Patrick just recently built a new home up in “suburbia” (said goodbye to the city life)…so we decided to have their session up at their new home and capture some of their daily life in photos! I love when families add their personal details to their sessions. I adore the Rogers family and their adorable kiddies! I couldn’t believe it had already been almost a year since I was capturing their Emmy’s first few days of life…time disappears so quickly. Bennett is 3  and Emmy is 1 any day now, and my goodness these two know how to have a good time and enjoy life. (I think they get it from their Mommy & Daddy!) Enjoy a few images from their fabulous evening of fun!!!

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The Albright Family

Denver, NC  Family & Child Photography


The Albright Family came prepared with champagne and cups for all…that is the way to really begin a beautiful day!! 🙂 I loved photographing their family and we had a blast running around an old camp site- avoiding injuries! It is so much fun getting to know each family I meet, and learning all about their dynamic!  Denise (Mommy Albright) is an extremely talented artist…so I have enjoyed learning all about her fabulous work! I have most definitely captured their fun, go with the flow essence! Hope you enjoy…

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Ilana & Aubrey

Cornelius, NC   Family & Child Photography


A few weeks ago I met with this adorable family to capture Aubrey’s 4th birthday and photograph some fun memories of a special Mommy-daughter time we never get back. (they grow up way too quickly)  Ilana is such an incredible Mother, and Aubrey is for sure the center of her world. When we first started to “play” I noticed some dark clouds but we just kept going…hoping they’d just pass over quickly. {Little did I know it was going to be the craziest stormy night of my life.} They danced. They laughed. and I loved it just as much as they did. But within 20 minutes of starting, the skies opened up and let out all they had. Lightning was darting through the skies, with the thunder shaking us immediately after. We ran for cover, and again, hoped it would pass quickly. Not so much. So instead of ending there, we pushed through the rain and danced. The light was incredible…top 3 best lighting I’ve ever shot in for sure. We may have been insane to keep going in such a wild storm, but the outcome of images (and no injuries) was totally worth it this time to me! I hope they agree!! I loved spending the evening with them and can’t wait to watch beautiful Aubrey grow up! Hope you enjoy their moments…


ps- we watched people being saved from cars that were stuck in the flooding on the way home that night. Just so you really understand how ridiculous this storm really was.


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While we waited for the rain to slow down or stop…precious Aubrey played in the drips off the roof. She watched with such wonder….

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The Hilliard Fam

Denver, NC   Family Photography


I am thinking it may take me a year to catch up with all the sessions I haven’t blogged yet…but when I look at the bigger picture- it means I’m rockin the pics to the families first then eventually posting them on here. The best news of all is…I have some beautiful families heading your way on here!


The beautiful Hilliard family and I have lots of funny stories from our evening in the mushy, rainy and muddy farm session! Their kids were absolutely perfect and happy as happy gets. I’m thinking Trey isn’t the biggest fan of spiders or creepy bugs…which I don’t blame him at all. Old run down farms are covered in tons of those kinds of critters…so we had many laughs of Trey dodging bugs! Little miss Madi didn’t love the grass but she was perfect regardless. (maybe just 1 foot up in the air trying to avoid the grass!) ha! They got tons of incredible “Wall-worthy” shots from this session…hope you enjoy them!!


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Turner {hello world}

Harrisburg, NC   Newborn Photography


I had such a wonderful morning with the Jakielski Family…meeting their newest addition, little Turner and their adorable doggies as well.  Michael and Shannon welcomed their first little guy into the world almost 3 weeks before I got to meet him…so I was a tad nervous that he wouldn’t want to squish up like a brand new muffin- but to our surprise he was ready and willing. Their home is absolutely gorgeous…and had some of the coolest designs I’d ever seen. I loved all their fun colors and just the overall flow of their home. I have a slight love for textures, and their home fulfilled my texture craving for the day for sure! 🙂 They are the sweetest family and hopelessly in love with their lil Turner! (even their doggies) I hope you enjoy a few images from their session!


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The Williams Family {2013 edition}

Davidson, NC    Family and Newborn Photographer


A family near and dear to my heart added another beautiful little girl to their growing family just recently…and I had been counting down the days to finally meet her! I love surprises, and none of us knew if this little muffin was a girl or a boy until she entered this world- so fun!! Little Miss Ellie is just perfect! She reminds me of her big sister, Mary Caroline.  Since Christy and Trey didn’t do formal “newborn” photos with their first two little ones, they decided that it wouldn’t be fair to give little miss Ellie her own supermodel session either…so we captured the essence of their whole family. The kids are so excited to have a new sister…and that always makes me happy inside! And no, it is not normal to look this amazing after just delivering your 3rd baby- so don’t feel discouraged when you see how put together Christy is! 🙂 That’s just how Christy rolls…always pulled together perfectly and just as sweet as a peach. {yet another reason why we love her so much} The Williams Family truly radiate the love for each other that all families deserve to have…and those 3 little ones have a lifetime of fun and love ahead of them!! Enjoy…. xo


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