Remington {hello world}

Mooresville, NC   Newborn & Family Photography


Another gorgeous session is about to fill your hearts…The Bandy Family added a beautiful new little girl to their family, precious Remington. Remi was 6 days brand new when I finally got to meet her perfect little self. Meredith has been a sweet friend of mine since college {yes, lots of awesome & crazy memories attached with us!} and I just met Kirk for the first time when we did our session. Kirk is awesome. And seriously a perfect Daddy of all girls! It takes a special man to deal with all us women! They were so laid back and easy to photograph! We laughed at plenty of “outtakes” involving newborn bodily functions (typical), and big sister’s Peyton and Maddi were the best helpers EVER! I loved our time together…hope you enjoy their sweet moments as a new family!!!


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Carson & Jennings

Denver, NC  Child Photography


Emily and I squeezed in a quick mini session between my trips and hers of her adorable lil blondies!!! I did Jennings’ newborn photos and it is incredible how much has changed in the past 8 months!! Enjoy their cuteness!!!


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The Wise Family

Huntersville, NC  Family & Children Photography

Once again, I have been MIA…but for good reason this time! 😉 I celebrated my birthday with girlfriends on a trip to Florida…then returned home for a couple days to repack and head to NYC with my hubby & kiddies! It has been non-stop but I’m back in my flow again now! I have lots of sessions to catch up with on here. {blogged behind…} ha. ok Happy Summer friends!!!

To start the summer off properly- let’s begin with one of my favorite sessions ever! Taylor and I have been trying to set up a session on and off for years…and I am so so so thankful we finally made it work. It was bliss photographing her precious family. Pretty much a photographer’s dream—perfect morning sunrise, sugared up babies, happy parents, and everyone just wanting to have a blast. We literally played, laughed & joked from the moment we got out of the car til we got back in. (Donuts and starbucks may or may not have been involved.) Taylor and Daniel are so blessed. Their beautiful babies are just as blessed to have such incredible parents.  Taylor had warned me that Mr. Parker seriously hates cameras and is not a fan of photographers either before we met that day. I was pretty sure that I would prove her wrong quickly…and I did. 🙂 Parker was my bud and rocked every shot the entire time. He just didn’t want to pose and smile {duh!!! who really does???}, he wanted to play and hang out like typical four year old boys! Which is totally my speciality! I probably struggle more with girls at this point…I don’t watch all the girlie shows, or play with barbies like girl moms do. ok I’m rambling on and on {typical}…I’ll end it with these amazing shots for your eyes to enjoy! Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!!

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The Habul Family

Mooresville, NC   Family & Child Photography


We finally made our schedules work together to fit in a quick 3 month session for little Keira and her sweet family. Plus, I got to see Miss Lola on her preschool graduation day to top it off!! I miss seeing this family, but I am so grateful to have them in my life! Lola is turning 5 this month, Liam is 2 and baby Keira is 3 months now! Beautiful family and I hope you enjoy their peek!!!

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The Rhyne Family

Davidson, NC  Family Photography


I absolutely felt blessed to have captured this fabulous family’s sweet moments recently.  The Rhyne Family actually won my session in a silent auction at the Yvette W. Ferris Foundation last year- so I know this session meant even more than the normal family session. Every penny went to a fantastic cause. Yvette is another extraordinary client of mine, not to mention inspirational on so many levels. If you’d like to know more about her foundation please visit http://www.ywff.org.

Back to the Rhyne’s…they were a blast to shoot. We laughed deep belly laughs and chatted non-stop. Davis and Katie are gorgeous blondies- that are just as well mannered and loving as they are beautiful. In the end, while saying goodbyes- Katie went into her car and came back with a little note that said “I love U” and on the other side it said “I love U a lot lot lot lot”. She made my week. I love what I do. I hope you enjoy their moments!!

PS- they couldn’t have picked a more perfect setting either. spectacular farm. 🙂

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The Ciafre Children

Denver, NC  Child Photography


I am desperately trying to catch back up with all my blog entries…so bare with me on all these short write ups. I could talk about every session for hours, but I will keep it short and sweet for now! 🙂


Gianna (age 4) and Graham (these were taken 2 days before his 1st birthday!) were such happy and fun kiddos! Gianna wanted to dance and play and it was just a plus that her little brother got to come along as her partner too. They were so fun, beautiful and seriously full of life. I love real emotions, and children do not hide theirs at all. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!!


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Stella 6 months

Lake Norman, NC  Child Photography


I am so happy that I finally got to see the happy & healthy Stella…our first session, at 3 months old, was rough for the lil peanut. Stella was a rockstar this time and happy as a little clam. She is such a cutie pie and her big baby blues suck you in!! I am so grateful that Meghan allows me to capture her precious stages and makes the hike up from Columbia, SC as well. I love watching babies grow up and change in front of my lens!! Hope you enjoy!!!


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