The Klein Family

Mooresville, NC  Family Photography


I was so excited when Cait asked me to photograph her family with her the day before she was graduating from Davidson College. Cait helped me a ton when I first had my youngest, Kolt. She actually brought him along with us for all my photo sessions…and they went on fun nature hikes. She was awesome! I loved meeting her parents, brother and boyfriend- and we had a blast! Cait is so fun and vibrant and now that I’ve met her family I see where she gets it!! Hope you enjoy their sneak peek!!


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The Johnson Family

Cornelius, NC  Family and Child Photography


Another fun family session went down before we left for the beach…the Johnson family! I mainly focused on the center of their world, one year old Liam! He was hysterical. I absolutely love this age, the blonde hair and blue eyes didn’t hurt either. 😉 He made some fabulous faces and soon his parents will miss those funny faces! Liam and his parents were in town visiting his uncle and aunt- and Grandma came too! We had fun playing by the water on a gorgeous lake norman evening. Hope you enjoy…


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The Berry Family

Charlotte, NC   Family Photography


The Berry Family and I enjoyed a chilly morning together…with lots of little snacks and laughs! Big brother Trevor is into everything that little boys should be and loves his new little brother, Grayson a ton! They were troopers to fight through the cold, but we got some awesome moments on film to show for it! Hope you enjoy…


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The Ortiz Family

Davidson, NC  Family and Children Photography


The Ortiz Family gets the cool honor of being my very first family with quadruplets! I am still in awe of how amazing Gabe and Niury are as parents. I cannot even wrap my head around 4 newborns wanting to eat, all at the exact same time. This dear family has raised two girls (Olivia & Juliana) and two boys (Aiden & Gabriel) to be wonderful little five year olds! Their family makes my top three strongest family list for sure! Not just for raising 4 awesome little kiddos but beginning the hardest fight of their lives here in the last month. Gabe had just finished his first chemo treatment right before our session. What a strong man, and the ultimate role model for his children. He will win.

One of my shots from their session brought me to tears instantly. I was sitting in my car going through the images and deleting all the “bad” shots, when I crossed by a shot that a sunbeam clearly was coming from heaven and directly going on Gabe’s head. I have never in all my 10 million + images have ever seen this.  What a moment.

I am so grateful to have spent my evening learning all about the Ortiz family…and each of their fun personalities! We had such a great time playing on the farm…feeding donkeys and looking for fish! I hope I captured the true essence of their sweet family! I have had such an incredible week of inspiration. Thank you to all of you.


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The Frisk Family {the modern day Brady Bunch love story}

Cornelius, NC   Family and Children Photography


What a fun love story this family has to tell to their children and grandchildren one day…

Ashley and Josh are going to be doubling the size of their family and love very soon, and I could not be any more excited for them. I have known Ashley a long time and I am over the moon for her, and her sweet babies. Josh is absolutely perfect for her. His son and daughter fit in so perfectly with her two kids. I have heard Ashley swoon over  Josh for quite some time now, and you can see their love for each other and their children glowing as soon as you see them together. Makes my heart happy & full. I am so glad I got to capture some fun and beautiful new moments as a big, happy family for all of them! New images to decorate their happy home. 🙂

Oh, I forgot to mention the obvious…but my my aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?! All 6 of them could blow you away!!! Enjoy~~


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The Ried Family

Huntersville, NC  Family & Children Photography

I have waited a long long time to photograph this beautiful Ried Family.  Misty contacted me last year and after rescheduling and working around many bumps we made it work–YAY!!! Ben and Misty are beyond amazing parents. They have two beautiful babies, Braxton & Allie. I truly can’t begin to share their incredible journey on here in one short blog post but every one of them are an inspiration to me. Braxton (who is 5 years old) has what is known as Dravet syndrome, and I am so thankful that Misty & Ben have opened up their hearts to help educate others (like me) on this rare syndrome.  If you would like to learn more and keep up with their precious boy-  you can look go to . He is precious, and completely all boy. Full of happiness, love and life. He wanted to sword fight and made me smile all morning long. I hope more than anything I was able to capture that for his Mom & Dad. I am sure those are the moments that really matter, and the memories that are priceless. (not the never-ending days & hours in hospitals or doing therapy.) Braxton adores his little sister Allie. And she adores him right back. Allie is vibrant and fun. And boy does she love her Daddy! Misty and Ben are some of the very best people I have ever met. Every moment of their day is wrapped around their children—including all night long as well. I really hope I get to spend a lot more time with this incredible family and they will be in my prayers every single day. Braxton is a reason I am a photographer.  ❤

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and to add even more reasons to love this precious lil man…he was singing, and this shot was mid-song. I adore. untitled-199 copy copy

Kellan is ONE

Lake Norman, NC  Child photographer


Kellan is a big ball of adorable love. Oh my.  I photographed him at 6 months and I’m pretty sure he’s twice as tall as he was 6 months ago. He was such a doll for his entire moment of fame…I love all his fun images and you will all want to squeeze him too!! Enjoy!!

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