Time for an update…

After the last few sessions I’ve had, and many new people mentioning to me that my personal photos of myself and my personal about me section doesn’t accurately portray the “real” me- I’ve decided to work on a small face lift to my about me section of my blog! I’m not as serious and formal as I must make it seem.

Those of you that get a chance to read this and have a moment please send a quick message with what you think describes me, the real Heather!

The cupcake obsessed, talkative, silly, happy, animal and child loving, sensitive yet strong and passionate Heather will be thinking of a much better peek into my world for the blog! I hope to give all who visit here a little bit more of Heather understanding.



Emily + Jacob = Ellis Claire

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Huntersville, NC  Maternity {bump} Photography

I have never posted my special little wording at the end of all my photos before…but today I decided to do something different. Everyone got to see the Norris’ sneak peek before reading all about them! First of all– WOW, how could they not leave you speechless? Emily and Jacob are gorgeous and just as sweet on the inside. We had an absolute blast hanging out watching the sun set over the lake. They are expecting their first little one very soon and I couldn’t be any more grateful to be a part of their experience! Ellis Claire is genetically destined to be one beautiful little girl, and I am 100% sure she will be adored around the clock by her precious parents. I really had an incredible session with these two love birds and cannot wait to meet their perfect addition very soon!!!

The Howard Girls

Charlotte, NC  Children Photography


I am beyond blessed to be a part of the Howard Family’s world.  I am thankful I call each one of them my friend.  Lindsay and Matt are so dear.  I didn’t want to leave after we finished honestly…but for one, Matt ran out of beer and for two, he was starving- so they had to leave. But I am pretty sure we could have chatted the night away watching the sun set out in the fields. Good times for sure.   They have two absolutely gorgeous little girls. Ella is 5 and glows with happiness and love. She has the kindest soul. I adore her.  Kate just turned 3 and is just as beautiful. Her blonde hair and blue eyes melt me- and has a spice to her that will wrap anyone around her finger. The girls are precious together…always helping one another and doing what sisters are truly meant to do for each other.  Another fun addition to the family, is 10 month old Amos- their black lab puppy.  He is a charmer.  I cannot find one bad photo from all of their images…not one. So I hope you enjoy as much as I know Lindsay and Matt will 🙂

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Lake Norman, NC  Children & Personal Photography


With all these gorgeous blooms (plus the abundance of pollen covering every inch of our town, and sinuses), I decided I needed to stop off and grab a couple spring shots of our little monsters. Without them, I truly doubt I would’ve found this passion for child photography- or ever would’ve turned my camera off of auto to figure out what else it would do.  These boys are my world. {+God and my handsome hubby} oh, and Cooper and Dozer <our four-legged children>.  So, with that being said- it was a nice day and I had a last minute cancellation, so I took the boys out to eat and headed to a beautiful field of yellow flowers! Then I let the rugrats be themselves. To top it off I had a friend with her adorable son meet me there too…so it ended up as a fun playdate as well. You can never have too many photos of your own children. EVER. I know I have always been teased about taking too many of my kids- but I ignore the comments completely. Or laugh because within time they will have children of their own and say “wow, I now understand why Heather takes 10 million pictures of her kids each week.” Life is so short. Make it sweet, happy & fun! Hope you enjoy…Cade (4 years), Jax (2 years), Kolt (15 months) and Kellan (13 months), my sweet friend Alex’ son.

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Mr. Kellan in action…

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Spring13-177 copy copy

Spring13-182 copy copyand lastly, I captured a sweet group of guys out to enjoy their evening on bikes…Spring13-261 copy copy



The Preslar Twins {hello world}

Charlotte, NC  Newborn Photography


Oh my goodness how lucky is this girl? VERY!! I got to photograph to beautiful baby girl twins that had just come home (finally) from the hospital! Claire and Ella Grace were born 10 weeks early and both were in the 3 pound range….teeny tiny! After 6 weeks in the NICU they got to come home to their Mom & Dad to live happily ever after!! The girls are beyond sweet and make some of the cutest noises I have ever heard in my life. The grunts and squeaks gave me a slight flash back to the days of my own Cade bug in the NICU–awe.  It’s amazing how perfectly different these two little angels are- even their tiny but strong personalities. I can’t wait to give their precious parents all their images, and watch these two grow and turn into little toddlers before you know it! I had a blast with this family- enjoy their peek!!

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The Kinmon 3

Belmont, NC   Children Photography


We are running out the door for a weekend away in Atlanta to cheer on my hubby and all the other awesome firemen & police that are playing football against the Atlanta team tomorrow- so I will make this short and sweet!! (I had to post this peek before we left…couldn’t wait 3 more days!!)

These gorgeous Kinmon babies know how to melt my camera for sure. I am so thankful that I’ve been able to capture the three of them growing up season after season! Mia and Aniston are just beautiful…and with each time I see them they grow more and more into lovely big girls. I cannot believe how much they’ve matured since I saw them last. 🙂 And Rylan is a little ham, but he is surely hitting those twos!! He wanted nothing to do with us for a while, it was much more fun playing with keys and boxes! (obviously!) Love these kids and I hope you get to enjoy them too!!!

ps- I couldn’t resist posting a TON from their session!!!!

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The Brady Family

Charlotte, NC  Family & Children Photography


I absolutely enjoyed my evening with the adorable Brady family!! It was so warm out and their kiddies were in happy moods to play outdoors. Their smallest lil one- Ryan is the tiniest, most “doll-like” 6 month old girl I have ever seen!! She has these awesome big blue eyes and a giant smile. And Mr. Jackson was fun for me…I love little boys that are all boy! He wanted to show me cool stuff and hunt for new rocks- not take pictures, duh!!! Jackson just turned three and I am pretty sure he was instructing me of my job and what was going on in this world better than I could do myself. Fun family—I hope you enjoy a few shots of their evening!!

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