Oakley Elizabeth {hello world}

Matthews, NC   Newborn Photography

Where do I start with this beautiful family? hmmm maybe I’ll begin with the obvious…brand new baby Oakley is pretty close to perfection.  She is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a real life baby doll to be honest. She is just gorgeous and well, her whole family falls right with her in that category as well. The Frank family were wonderful to spend the afternoon with…it was so peaceful pretty much my entire time in their home. (such a rarity with newborns & toddlers) It just went so smoothly and little Oakley was a superstar. Her big brother, Myers is super excited to have a new little sis too- which makes it even more fun in the Frank household!! I adore every one of their photos from the session..hope you love just as much as I do!

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Jenny’s adorable Mother was there to help out (thank goodness for incredible Grandmothers by the way!)- and she captured a quick pull back shot of us posing lil Oakley. 🙂

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baby Beau {hello world}

Charlotte, NC   Newborn Photography


I have been capturing the Elliot Family’s special moments for a few years now, and to watch them grow from a family of 3  (new mommy & daddy; Clara was just an infant) to now a complete family of 4, really warms me inside. Clara is now a big sister of a handsome little brother, Robert Curtis Elliot- “Beau”!!  Their Mommy is a rockstar birthing babies, and she deserves extra stars for it! And Daddy is so supportive of all of them, keeping the family together with unconditional love. I enjoyed my morning with their family, and the best part is seeing how much one tiny itty bitty goey baby can change their world & turn it upside down so quickly. (it happens every single time…it’s a given.) I love chaos, and the more children you bring into the world the more chaos and more love you have as well.  I work better and live more fully in beautiful chaos…

I love these fun moments, and I hope you do too!! {many of these I just had to share because they are just hysterical. having a toddler running around is always a fun time!}

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The Wells Family

Denver, NC   Family Photography


I just met Crystal, Adam and their precious little 4 month old Braxton for the first time a few days ago but I feel like I already know them so well. (love that about my “job”!)  You can feel how much they adore each other and their new little sidekick. Braxton was such a trooper, he made it through a super tired spell and showed his happy personality for the rest of their session.  He is head over heels with his parents too…you could watch his world light up every time he caught their eyes. I had such an incredible time with the Wells family and cannot wait to watch their family grow into the future! Oh and by the way…I had such a hard time picking out my favorite shots to post on here, so I may have posted a few more than normal! I love every shot from there session!!! And I am so blessed to be able to capture such beautiful love!


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Baby Keira Jewel

Mooresville, NC  Newborn Photography {hello world}


I had the pleasure of photographing one of my dearest friend’s third precious little gift from God last week, and since we haven’t finished with our session yet I only have a small peek for you all. Keira is so perfect and her loving family absolutely adores her. Enjoy…

ps- the more I look at her, the more I see she is almost identical to her big sis, Lola! 🙂


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The Ovitsky Family

Davidson, NC  Family & Child Photography


Oh hello SPRING…it makes me so happy to finally say that! 🙂 Sweet birds chirping, warm sun beating down, beautiful blooming flowers everywhere, bright and happy  colors filling my lens–Spring BLISS!!! Everyone seems to be extra cheerful and just happy to be alive…I really do love spring. Love glows brighter.

The Ovitsky family have started off my season with a bang.  Lauren and Troy are loving life with their little 6 month old man, Anthony. He has obviously grown a TON since our last session, only 3 short months ago.  Anthony was so happy, so sweet and so alert for the whole session. And his precious little outfits could melt all of us moms out there. {oh and knee socks, gush!!!} He is ready for his very first visit from the infamous Easter bunny, and I’m pretty sure he may get lots of goodies this year!


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Annabelle {hello world}

Charlotte, NC   Newborn & Family Photography


The Hill family welcomed their second little bundle of joy into this world only a short week ago, and I can only imagine (from my own past experiences) how chaotic and amazing it is! I am constantly reminded of how much I don’t miss those sleepless nights but also reminded of how precious time really is. I am so blessed to be able to join in on a family’s special time right after a new one has been born.  Carson is the typical 2 year old boy…trucks and singing, full of curiosity and ready to wear out his parents every moment of the day! He is going to be one fantastic big brother, and little Annabelle will learn early how to keep up with her handsome older brother! We had a fun morning hanging out and capturing their new world in photos. I am so grateful to have met the Hill Family! Enjoy!!

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Carter Man {9 months}

Charlotte, NC  Children Photography


I am over the moon for this little munchkin. Carter has grown so much since I first met him 9 short months ago…so strong, so active, 100% aware of his world around him, more incredibly loving every time I see him! The Clary family are genuinely one of the kindest and sweetest families I’ve ever met, and I am so grateful that they have allowed me to be a part of their lives. Sweet little Carter was a blast to play with  in the Plaza Midwood area of Charlotte- bright colors and lots to stare at made it an even better afternoon for all of us! {eclectic, to say the least!} Hope you enjoy their lil stud muffin!

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