Baby WALT {hi new world}

Charlotte, NC   Newborn & Child Photography


I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this little peanut! Baby Walt is so tiny and precious. Oh, and so loved. And his gorgeous big sister is super excited…she danced, sang and kept a close watch on her new lil buddy. Bri and Matt are so happy to have their new addition to their family…and I just know the chaos of being parents has just begun! Not to mention the fact that Matt is back in school (full time) and working full time as well. hello busy family. I am so glad I got to enjoy an afternoon with these precious people…and cannot wait to watch their love continue to grow as a family of four! Enjoy their beauty and their handsome addition, Mr. Walt.


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and I had to add this hilarious outtake….boys will be boys! 🙂

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Justin {hello world}

Denver, NC  Newborn Photography


I am excited to post these photos of this adorable new family…The Bennett Family. Precious little Justin was 8 days brand new when we got to play baby dolls with him. He was an angel and slept wonderfully- and even gave us some fun time with him wide awake. We had lots of laughs and captured his new little squishy self. Hope you enjoy!!

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The Valentine Family

Charlotte, NC   Family and Lifestyle Photography

I am so lucky to have met yet another incredible family last weekend, the Valentine Family. {such a perfect name for this exciting Valentine’s day!} Jessica, Brandon and lil William welcomed a new member to their family about a month ago- John David.  William and I became best buds by the end of my session, and I could easily slip him into my purse and steal him away to my home! Such a fun family with lots of happy times ahead with these 2 handsome little boys! Hope you enjoy…

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and if you didn’t notice already…William is one very protection and extra proud big brother!!!!

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Duncan + Chelsea

Davidson, NC  Lifestyle Photography


Chelsea and I chatted quite a few months back about setting up a session for her engagement photos with her fiance Duncan…and many months later (crazy fall & Christmas sessions had already filled the books), we finally meet!! Of course we had great weather for a few days, then the day of our session it was freezing and gloomy! But they rocked it and were such troopers the entire time.  These two have such a beautiful life ahead of them, and I am so happy to share some of their love with you! Their wedding is this Fall up in New York…I look forward to seeing lots of gorgeous photos from their big day! Enjoy!!!!


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lil rockstar Quinn

Denver, NC Children Photography

This little man is quite the ladies man at 5 years old…just check out those sparkly eyes and awesome hair!! Quinn and I had fun horsing around and capturing his best “looks” for his soon to be acting career! He could care less why I was taking his photo, which is my favorite part of boys! Quinn was a blast to chase around and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this lil man!! Enjoy…

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Braelyn Grace

Cornelius, NC  {Children Photography}

I will never forget the day {actually the exact moment} when my best friend & college roommate called me to tell me she was pregnant…I never would have imagined that 6 years later I would be photographing this beautiful blessing completely awestruck. Braelyn entered this world with me in the room next door and I am quite sure I had about the same amount of sleep as her mother, but my world was changed forever. I knew I would love this lil angel as if she were my own, and I did. I do. Braelyn Grace is a photographer’s dream. She is not only the most stunningly beautiful child I have ever seen, she is just as sweet, kind, & brilliant. She is a precious jewel. I would photograph her every day if I had her close by. In other words, she will leave you speechless and wondering why she isn’t famous yet.