The Monastra Kiddies

Charlotte, NC  Children Photography


I am so glad I was able to squeeze in the Monastra family before Christmas this year…I was worried we were running out of time!! They have 4 beautiful children and I was so happy to get to hang out with them for the afternoon!  Jason (the oldest) is close to that “I’m too cool to smile” age but handsome, Taylor (the older daughter) is beautiful and just glows, Evan (the youngest son) is just precious…I could pinch him and lil miss Maggie is their gorgeous little 4 month old peanut, who steals the show—as lil princess babies should. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!!

untitled-17 copy

untitled-13 copy

untitled-49 copy

untitled-42 copy

untitled-57 copy

untitled-74 copy


untitled-141 copy

untitled-169 copy b

untitled-122 copy


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