{Hello World} lil Jennings

Huntersville, NC  Newborn Photography


It’s such a fun surprise when I am contacted by a family for photos and we figure out we actually know each other already…I went to high school with Adam, the daddy of precious Jennings. Emily and Adam are just the cutest, so laid back and easy going! (my type of people!) It makes a newborn session 100 times easier when everyone just goes with the flow. Jennings is their second lil peanut–Carson, the BIG sister is 19 months and full of spunk! Blonde and blue eyed doesn’t do her justice either–she is the blondest I’ve ever seen! Jennings is 8 days NEW and is an angel. Gorgeous features, fuzzy blonde hair and perfectly wrinkly!! I had such a blast with their beautiful family! Check them out…

ps- I love their splash of carolina blue and white representing their Alma mater: UNC 😉




The Peterson Crew

Denver, NC  Family Photography


Getting 22 people all in the same place, at the same time and all happy (including 11 children) is no easy task…but the Peterson family somehow managed to do it, and perfectly at that.  The Peterson’s have a beautiful home on Lake Norman that is regularly filled with all their beautiful children (5 total) and grand children (11), so they wanted to have their entire group together for photos.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many gorgeous kiddies in one place at one time! Here is a quick peek at their big, beautiful family!


The Ferguson Family

Denver, NC  Family & Children Photography


Little fact about me…I usually don’t take any new clients that are not referred to me, and most people know this about me (lots of random reasons but #1 I love to keep all my clients and friends connected in relationships)–but this year I received so many wonderful emails from the Ferguson family that I decided to go ahead and photograph their sweet family.  I am so so THANKFUL that I did. I would’ve never had a chance to meet such a fabulous couple, that adore their daughter so much! For starters, Minta sewed all of her little girl’s gorgeous dresses…how awesome is that?! And Dave is completely smitten by his little BB and his wife! We had a great time and BB smiled almost non-stop! Enjoy!!



The Minner Family

Cornelius, NC  Family & Children Photography


I love that we’re nearing the end of September and it is still hot during the day and cool in the night- makes for wonderful temps for families. (and myself!) The Minners are such a wonderful family, and I absolutely love being able to introduce families to a different style of family photography.  This is more common than not, a lot of my families are use to going to a studio for their family portraits (like the Minner Family) so changing it up and bringing them outside for some fun will get them a totally different look. Obviously I’m biased but I think moments captured being real represent this time in our lives better than a still shot with a backdrop. 🙂 Stacey and Jonathan are amazing parents and I hope their first experience with this was a good one. I loved watching all the fun interaction between all four of their blondies!! Hope you enjoy–


The Kester Crew

Denver, NC  Family Photography


So yes, I know I’m suppose to be keeping these blog entries quick but there is just so much I want to say sometimes. Thankfully my photos speak for themselves and explain these families perfectly! Kate & Doug are awesome (lame word, I know–but I couldn’t come up with anything better to describe them!), you can see their love and respect for one another within moments of seeing them together. They have three of the most handsome boys, 8, 6 and 2 1/2 years old…and they are all so much fun to hang out with. The outdoors and being real boys is their life!!  The entire time we were playing I was thinking “geez, I can only dream for my kids to be this well-behaved and well-rounded at these ages.”  Their family was such a delight to photograph and I hope you enjoy!



Landon {3 months}

Charlotte, NC  Children & Lifestyle Photography


Oh my, the stories I have at some of my outdoor sessions people wouldn’t even believe. Yesterday’s session with this adorable family is one of those times. Let’s just say we changed our location halfway through due to a lovely encounter with a giant bow & arrow. 😉 {note to self: deer season is underway} But regardless of the fun stories we have, we also have some lovely photos of precious Landon, now 3 months! Their whole family has crystal clear blue eyes and they just ADORE their lil Landon! Enjoy!


Shaye + Phillip

Lake Norman, NC  Engagement Photography


I really hate that I don’t have more time to write down all the fun I have with each session I do these days, but I promise after the Fall I’ll be back to my normal posts!

Shaye and Phillip are so so adorable, and so so sweet. Small town greatness at its best. They are getting married next May 11th! They were a blast to photograph, and I just know they have a lifetime of happiness ahead of them! And to end it off for the evening, Shaye surprised me with a little gift that seriously made my month– a wine sippy cup 🙂 . She must read minds, or just knows what it’s like with 3 wild boys! Hope you enjoy…