The Coleman Family

Cornelius, NC  Family & Children Photography


And then there were THREE! Michelle and Mark welcomed their first little man into this world a short 3 months ago, and now are about to move into their first home they’ve built together…lots of firsts for these pretty people! 🙂 Michelle and I actually went to high school together and I’m so glad she contacted me for their photos~ I knew they’d be beautiful, just because they’re beautiful people! We decided to their session in the park within their new neighborhood…love it! Lots of mosquitoes but a beautiful day for photos! Michelle and Mark have a brilliantly fun relationship and I enjoyed every minute with them! Baby Carson is so calm and peaceful…but the moment my camera was near him, his smiles disappeared. (very curious lil man) He has the coolest hair for a newborn too…so many colors. He’ll soon be completely blonde but for now we all get to enjoy his rainbow of colors! Hope you enjoy their peek…





Baby Carter {3 months}

Charlotte, NC  Family Lifestyle Photography


I’m somewhat behind on all my posts, so let’s see if I can catch up today on all the fun I’ve been having lately! Had a wonderful morning on Sunday being the “photographer” Heather, not the “mommy” Heather for a few hours! To make it even better, the weather was AMAZING!! (almost cool) I loved my time with the Clary Family! This is our second session together and I can’t believe how much Carter has grown since his newborn session! Sweet Carter just wanted to eat his chubby lil hands and ignore me all together…but I got some great shots of his lil cute self! Lindsey and Drew are amazing parents and you can see the love they have for their lil man! Looking forward to his 6 month session next…enjoy~~


Terry & Benson {forever young}

Mooresville, NC  Family & Lifestyle Photography


I really need to write a personal blog update today, as well as this wonderful couples update…while driving home last night from their session it hit me like a truck- I adore photography because I adore people. My passion is more with people. Their stories. Their happiness and sadness. I am such a “people person”, and  have been since birth…and was always told to do something working with people. TA-DA…I found it, photographing people, their stories, their special moments. I don’t enjoy photographing land, trees or sites really, they bore me. It’s people. Everyone has a story, a victory, a loss and I read it on their faces. I am grateful. ok enough of my ranting–  (had to get it off my chest)

So with all that being said…I had the best time at the Sheally’s home last night. If I had a couple more hands, I would’ve been drinking wine along with them! 🙂 Terry and Benson have an INCREDIBLE love story that reminds me of how precious life is. They don’t take any days for granted. They are smitten. The live a life of happiness with lazy lake days, relaxing in the hammock, and dinners on their screened in back patio. Their motto (written everywhere) is “Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often.”  They are doing this, and maybe have perfected it. They make me smile. Even their love for their dog (Morty) makes me happy. Here is a peek into their love story…enjoy~

The Renegar Family’s new addition: Baby Sims

Charlotte Newborn Photography


I love receiving fabulous emails from expectant mothers announcing their exciting news…the precious bundle has finally arrived.  Emily and Zac did just this a couple days ago and we quickly made plans to photograph their new lil peanut. Only a few days old, little Sims was just perfect.  Slept pretty much the whole time we played with him and didn’t even stir when his big sister, Emerson would squeal with excitement.  Such a happy and fun family, and I am so glad I was able to spend the morning with  them. Less than a year ago I was photographing their little family of three for their Christmas cards, and now a perfect family of four. Enjoy…


Gilmore {6 months and counting}

Denver, NC  Family & Children Photography


I am still in shock that lil Gilmore is already 6 months old.  I feel like it was yesterday that I was first meeting her sweet parents in the freezing cold…with yes, my newborn’s bottle warming in my shirt. (classy, I know.) This is such a special family with so much love between them all. I am so grateful to have met them and to see them often to photograph their beautiful family. Gilmore is so soft, quiet and curious. She takes it all in and watches the world around her…as if she is coming up with a game plan to save the world. When she smiles…she lights us all up. Oh, I’m such a softy for true love. Enjoy.


Michigan Vacation

South Haven, Michigan {personal}

After 17 long, grueling hours in our giant SUV (that seemed so tiny filled with 3 kids and too much luggage) we finally made it to Michigan. I’m pretty sure I listened to 12 straight hours of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Two different episodes of closed down highways due to car wrecks, slowed down the trip even more. But we made it- all in one piece and safely. For the first time in four years I was able to read some of a book and my husband was able to listen to 15 hours worth of podcasts that were up his alley.

I normally don’t post personal updates on here but thought I’d post a cell phone photo or two of my bunch once we arrived and went to the beach. Although it wasn’t hot, we had a great time running around!

PS- this is the longest I’ve been away from my baby (my giant editing machine iMac) since I started. It’s on vacation too!



Hello Miss Maggie

Charlotte, NC  Newborn Photography


Oh I was so excited to get my hands on this tiny little muffin…little Miss Maggie! One week brand new and this little princess already melts everyone that sees her! You can feel the love from the moment you walk into their warm home and even more when you see her beautiful Mommy, Beth snuggle her. Her perfect thin fingers and baby doll face…oh I can’t wait to watch her grow!! Maggie has two older brothers and an older sister to watch over her and protect her through life, it makes my heart happy. Maggie did not want to be tightly balled up or posed in any way, shape or form. She was very content with her arms and legs completely stretched out, I guess she was tired of being squished in her lil mommy! Loved spending the morning with such a wonderful family, hope you enjoy their peek!