Beautiful LANIE {Senior Class 2013}

Charlotte, NC  Senior Photography


soooo Lanie has completely changed my thoughts on photographing seniors, she has inspired me and given me the excitement…bring one, bring all.  I usually enjoy children and family photography the most, its what I’m best at…but last night’s senior session with Lanie gives me goosebumps. (the light was breathtaking!) EVERY SINGLE image is usable. Not only usable but stunning. She is stunning and incredibly photogenic. Plus, sweet as they come and so smart. I loved every minute of our session downtown, and adore Lanie! I can’t pick my favorite 8 so I am posting more than usual…and honestly it was hard for me to even narrow it down this much. Hope you enjoy…



The Hetzel Family

Charlotte NC  Family & Lifestyle Photography


The Hetzel family have two cutie pies, Johnny (3 years old) and Sienna (9 months) and we had a good time playing in the gardens this past weekend! Johnny’s fun personality popped out about halfway through…and I had a blast capturing it from that point on! I’m pretty sure it’s a rainforest in these gardens because the moment we walk into them the sweat starts pouring. Maybe I should start carrying around a portable fan. 🙂 Hope you enjoy their peek…

Gillian is ONE!!!

Harrisburg, NC  Lifestyle Photography


I was so fortunate to be able to celebrate Gillian’s big FIRST birthday with her and her wonderful family this past weekend! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I photographed her curled up in a little snuggle ball.  Yvette and Andrew threw her an incredible Luau 1st birthday party…so many family and friends and just as much food & fun to go with it! Here’s a peek at the fun…


One year later…

the SASSY girls

Charlotte, NC   lifestyle photography


Nothing better then grabbing a giant, cold starbucks and heading downtown with 3 gorgeous Sophmores from UNC to capture some best friend moments! Kendyl, Bre and Kristin couldn’t be any cuter or sweeter…and we had a blast playing downtown in the morning sunshine! All three are sorority girls at Chapel Hill and enjoying the best years of their lives! Enjoy…


my real job…Mommy

Charlotte, NC Children Photographer {personal}

a glance into my life…

My 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year job that never gives me a coffee break or a dull moment is being three handsome little boy’s mommy! I am so blessed but many days I wonder how I ended up with such wild little monkeys! Cade (almost 4) has a heart of gold, is strong inside and out and is by far my most responsible child at this point- always helping others and sharing. He is special, he is our first. Jax (just turned 2) is a whirlwind…a fire. He lights up everyone he meets. I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t fall in love with him. He will punch you and kiss you a moment later…how can you not laugh? He destroys everything in his path and takes a chance on anything he sees that looks dangerous. Many ER trips are under his belt, with surely many more to come. Bless him. Kolt (just 7 months) is an angel. The baby everyone dreams of really. Only fusses some when he’s sleepy but constantly smiles or laughs. So calm and laid back. He goes with the flow and watches his brothers in complete awe. All three of our boys are snuggly and cuddly, and I pray that never changes. They adore each other completely and cannot be separated. BUT they are 150% BOY!!!! (plus some!) So, my break from the chaos is coming to hang out with you and your family…and capture your happy moments!


Here are a couple photos of my attempt to get a shot of all 3 boys…this is my world in a nutshell. Enjoy.

The Cherry Gang :)

Denver, NC  Family Photographer


After weeks and weeks of chatting back and forth on the phone, I finally got to meet this sweet Kelley, and put a face with her name. I knew she had to be a patient lady to have to hear my screaming kids in the background almost every time we chatted. Bless. Kelley and Brandon have two stunning little princesses- Karsyn and Presley. I’m pretty sure I would have a fourth baby if God promised me it would be Karsyn…she made me smile through all the sweat! 🙂 Kelley’s sister Kim and her husband Alan are so adorable too. Their 13 week old little man, Easton has the best skin and blue eyes! Kelley & Kim’s parents joined us and made it a complete Cherry gang. Had an awesome time and hope you enjoy their peek…

Baby Landon has arrived!!

Charlotte, NC   Newborn and Children Photographer


I couldn’t wait to meet this lil smushy cutie pie Landon! 6 days new and I got to snuggle him and mold him into the perfect posed babe that he is. Shari and Reggie are so excited to be a new mommy and daddy, and you would think they’ve done it for years. (so natural) Landon is a BIG boy to say the least…basically super strong and muscular already.  Love everything about him though but the best is his lil furrowed brow–it’s his signature move right now. Hope you enjoy his beautiful photos…


The Wooten Family


Lake Norman Children & Family Photographer 


Sessions like these make me all warm and fuzzy inside…beautiful sunshine, a gorgeous backdrop of lake norman (and the exact spot Ginny & Woody said “I DO”), and an adorable family!!! The best part is Abigail is stunning and loves my camera! We played and poured sweat but it was all for a great result! Their session almost needed no editing what-so-ever! Abigail is almost 6 months and is precious. So precious that I could have taken her home and added her to our zoo of boys!!! Hope you enjoy their peek…


The Berg Family

Charlotte Family Photographer


The Berg’s have a very active little boy…in my mind that’s a wonderful thing. He is curious about the world in front of him and doesn’t want to sit still for long. I had fun running through or dodging sprinklers trying to keep up with this little toddler! His sweet mom has the patience of a saint and I couldn’t believe she is a stay at home mommy! I stay at home with my three wild men, and I swear I wear a sign on my forehead that says “HI, I’m a crazy stay at home mom…please don’t test my patience, because I have none.” We had fun playing around and I know we all sweat enough to lose a few pounds! Hope you enjoy their sneak peek…



The Rogers Family


Charlotte Family and Children Photographer


Ashley and Patrick have the most fun little boy I have ever met (ps-I have met a LOT of boys…plus my fun 3 too!) -Bennett, who is 2 and a half years old and will  soon be a big brother to a precious baby sister! Bennett made me smile from the minute he peeked out of his car seat. I don’t think I could get enough of him, ever!! They are such a sweet family and we had a great time chatting, laughing and sweating (another 100 degree day, yuck!) while capturing some fun moments on camera! Looking forward to meeting their new little bundle soon, hope you enjoy their peek!