Dallas, North Carolina   Lifestyle Photographer


I knew right away I would get along with this pretty blonde…we have the same name!!! Heather and Tyler had been dating for 8 years…and he had her carve their names in a tree out in the woods, write the date too and that moment he proposed. So they took me out to their special tree deep within the forest  where Tyler grew up, very cool. They have such a fun story and I love that he is country and she is (almost) city. Hope you enjoy their engagement session, and look forward to their wedding in September! (my 1 and ONLY wedding I am doing this year!)



The Baucom Gang

Lake Norman, North Carolina   Family Lifestyle Photographer


Oh my this family is fun- and is exactly why I ADORE my job!!! I enjoyed every second spent with Clara, Daniel and all their boys yesterday! They never fail me by showing up looking stunning and rocking their session every time!  Cade and Chance are awesome big brothers and I loved watching their interactions with their 6 month old little man, Axle. Clara is full of life, love, laughter and beauty…and Daniel compliments her so beautifully, just handsome and sweet. Great times, lots of laughter and capturing their memories out in the fields…it was a great session! Hope you enjoy!!


The Arnolds

Denver, North Carolina Family Lifestyle Photographer


I met this sweet girl, Jessica back in the good ol’ college days and now she has a handsome hubby, Ed and an adorable little boy, Maddox. They booked this session months ago and of course it would start to pour rain as we drove to our spot for photos. But we made it work with a few umbrellas and laughter! They rocked it through the rain and I learned that I am able to take photos while holding an umbrella at the exact same time! Score!!! Hope you enjoy their sneak peek…


The HILGERT Family

Denver, North Carolina Family & Group Lifestyle Photographer


Fun morning with a wonderful family celebrating their parent’s being married for 50 years- how awesome is that?! The Hilgert family is down visiting this weekend from Pittsburgh, PA and I am so glad I was able to meet all of them and capture some shots of a memorable trip! What better way to celebrate your incredible parents! Getting 18 people (including children) to all look at the camera at the same time is tough- but they rocked it! Got some great shots, and even re-created Art and Carol’s last wedding photo, their car departure picture. I hope in 44 years my husband and I are still so in love with an amazing, big family that loves us tons too. Enjoy their photos 🙂


The original six…where it all began! 

All the grandkids 

The Russell Family

Harrisburg, North Carolina Lifestyle Family Photographer


I enjoyed meeting the Russell family yesterday in Harrisburg for a fun family session. They have 3 cute kids, age 6, 4 and 2. Love stories of high school sweethearts that end up together with a great big family!! We were dying of heat and all of us were dripping by the end, but they were rockstars! Enjoy their sneak peek…

{Hello World} I’m LANDON

Fort Mill, South Carolina Newborn lifestyle Photographer


I enjoyed spending my morning with a beautiful couple, and their 7 day NEW little peanut. Baby Landon has a very handsome older brother named Tyler that adores him so much…and I loved photographing all of them in awe over the newest addition. Little Landon wanted nothing to do with sleep practically the whole time I was there, but we got some cool shots with his beautiful blues instead. They are a lovely family and I look forward to watching lil Landon grow up! Enjoy…


Sophia ~ 3 months

Denver, North Carolina Lifestyle & Children Photographer


Where have the past 3 months gone to…my goodness. I feel like I was just doing little Sophia’s newborn photos, and now she’s already smiling and rolling over. She is stunning, I mean just gorgeous. I cannot wait to see her grown up- she’s going to be a head-turner for sure. She is so sweet and calm and her big brother and sister adore her. Hope you enjoy her peek…


The Mighty BRUCE Family

Denver, North Carolina Family & Lifestyle Photographer


JD & Chris inspire me…they are incredible parents and love each other tremendously. I absolutely LOVED photographing their big family of 6 a couple of nights ago. We had so much fun and they were just along for the fun ride.  They have 4 very handsome boys, all unique and perfect in their own way. I am not sure how they have such sanity with four, I go crazy many days with my three. Well, our first stop ended up with creepy gypsies trying to scare us away from the “public” property, although I won’t be going back there again- it was so worth their awesome moments captured. And our session ended with a massive shirtless wrestling match between all the boys! Had a blast and hope you enjoy their photos…


Reggie & Shari

Charlotte, North Carolina Maternity Photographer


I was so excited to photograph this beautiful couple and their growing baby bump last night! Reggie and Shari are expecting their first little peanut in just a couple of weeks, and I cannot wait to meet him. These two are so in love, and Reggie looks at Shari like she hung the moon…which makes my heart smile! They are going to be amazing parents…hope you enjoy their sneak peek!!



And then there were 5…The Hampton Family

Charlotte, North Carolina Lifestyle Photographer


Lucky me…I got to photograph another stunning family last night in the NoDa district of Charlotte. The Hampton’s have grown very dear to my heart and their newest addition has completely melted me. We had fun playing in an amazing French bakery, Amelie’s (yes we had french snacks & coffee)…then walked around the center of town just capturing moments. Jake is 5 months and as strong as an ox, Scottie is a spitfire and completely ready to run with the reins of life, and Ella is the star, wants to pose beautifully for me and is sweet to her younger siblings. So much fun…and I am so blessed to have such amazing clients and friends. Enjoy…