The Bahr Family

April 30, 2012: Denver, NC  {Lifestyle / Family Session}


Capturing the Bahr family was an absolute blast for me…we hung out, chatted and played around. Chris and Mai-Lis have two absolutely stunning children (THE OBVIOUS) but they are the most fun kiddos ever. Makes me super excited for when my 3 amigos grow to be those ages. Mai-Lis is one of the designers/owners of Addie & Ella so I have worked with her before and Addie too…but this was way more fun for me this time, I got to actually get to know their family.  Carson is the sweetest and silliest kid I think I’ve ever photographed…I just love him. And well, as you can see Addie will melt your heart as well. I just adore that their beauty isn’t just skin deep. They made me laugh and smile the entire time. Hope you enjoy their sneak peek…



The Long Family

April 29, 2012: Charlotte, NC  {Lifestyle/Family Session}


This is one loving family…you can tell how much Cher and Patrick adore their little Zoey. Zoey has grown up so so much since I last did their photos…she would stand and hold onto whatever was put in front of her and barely move a muscle. (minus her big smiles) Now, she is EVERYWHERE…the perfect toddler, running wild and free. I love it. She wouldn’t stay still for one moment all morning. We got to play in the chilly weather at the beautiful church they were married at, making memories. 🙂 I had a blast with the Longs and love watching Zoey grow into Zoey! Enjoy their sneak peek…


Ella & Kate

April 22. 2012: Belmont, NC  {LIFESTYLE session}


I think I keep repeating myself lately about how much I LOVE what I do…but really, I adore it. I love spending fun time with all these wonderful friends. I love that I make people smile, and I love that I capture a moment that will most likely never happen again. Silly laughs, faces a toddler makes that are the “look” of this phase in their life…it all makes me happy.

I spent yesterday morning with some of my favorite people…Ella & Kate- and oh, yes, their awesome parents, Matt & Lindsay. Kate just turned 2 and seriously is stunning. Ella is just as beautiful and so fun. We had a blast playing around the lil town & especially my favorite part…playing in this adorable boutique, Jolie- right on main street. Little girls in a boutique is just par for the course! Love them…enjoy their pics!

oh and yes- they are wearing the gorgeous Addie & Ella clothing line!! 🙂

The Geers Family

April 17, 2012: Davidson, NC  {Lifestyle Session}


I was so excited to see the Geers again yesterday…they are one of the sweetest families I’ve ever met! 🙂 Greg & Kelly have 2 adorable kiddies too that love to play and just have a good, care-free time! Nyla loved spinning her beautiful princess dress for me and Dashel was such a sweet, smiley boy. It’s always such a fun time with the Geers and I hope they keep having lots more precious blue-eyed babies!! Enjoy their sneak peek…


The Propst Family

April 16, 2012: Mooresville, NC  {Lifestyle-Family Session}


I have known the Propst Family since they were only a family of 3…and Grant was just a couple months old. Now there is this little DIVA addition, Caroline who completes their family perfectly! We made a trip yesterday to Carrigan Farms in Mooresville for some good ol farm fun…barns, dogs, apple trees, dancing, strawberry picking and a family picnic! What could be better on a warm Spring evening! Grant is so sweet to Caroline…and Caroline is such a lady with an attitude, I LOVE IT! We had an awesome time playing and we were all thrilled to go home with a huge bucket of juicy -red strawberries!! Hope you enjoy their sneak peek…



The Howard Family

April 15, 2012: Cornelius, NC  {LIFESTYLE-Family Session}


TWINS…my second set of twin girls (Remy & Kennedy) played with me this morning and their sweet cousin Alexa.  I had such a great time with their family and their Mommy Ingrid’s sister, Astrid. Seeing cousins play together, laugh, share secrets and use their secret language made my morning. We had a great time and I hope you enjoy their sneak peek…


The Solimans

April 14, 2012: Harrisburg, NC  {FAMILY: lifestyle session}


What a fun time I had meeting this lovely family…and Lindsay’s parents! Obviously they are beautiful on film, but they are just as sweet in person. PLUS– they had to take mini-breaks many times for my precious Kolt, who wasn’t on his best behavior. They are new to the area from Illinois and I have a feeling they will grow to love the south soon just as much as we all do. 🙂 Caleb, their lil rockstar 1 and a half year old is just that…a rockstar. He is chill, serious and knows what he wants…LOVE THAT! Such a boy too! And so content and happy, which makes my job a blast! Hope you enjoy their adorable family…


ps- I had a VERY hard time picking my favs to post, they have TONS of awesome shots awaiting their walls! 🙂