KAI is two

March 28, 2012: Lake Norman, NC  {family session}


David, Eileen and lil Kai have been awaiting their fun session for weeks (maybe months) now…and FINALLY yesterday we got to play! Kai was shy at first, but I quickly learned he was all boy and wanted NOTHING to do with the crazy big camera smashed on my face. This family is absolutely gorgeous…really, just beautiful. I adore a husband being completely smitten by his wife…and all my photos captured that. I hope you enjoy their sneak peek…




The Newest Hammond

March 20, 2012: Stanley, NC  {HELLO WORLD}


OH I just love getting my hands on new little bundles of joy…Missy & Gary welcomed their 3rd & newest baby into the world 5 days ago. I have yet to meet a baby as strong as this lil Sophia. Pushing almost 10lbs at birth, this precious girl is ready to get her world going. Big sis Mia and Big bro Anthony adore her and walk on eggshells around her…nothing more perfect. Miss Sophia was so alert for most of the time we played yesterday, but we finally got her conked out & bundled up for some sweet pics at the end.  Cannot wait to watch her grow and turn into a gorgeous little girl like her sister! Enjoy their sneak peek…

Axle Ford is 3 months!

March 16, 2012: Denver, NC  {3 months new session}


I do love this lil Axle…and I can’t believe how much he changes every time I see him. He is so so strong for 3 months, and so active! Clara & Daniel are bound to have their hands full. We had a blast today, hope you enjoy their sneak peek…


and lastly…I had to post 1 quick shot of beautiful Clara snuggling my sweet lil nugget!!!

The Bath Family

March 10, 2012: Huntersville, NC  {lifestyle session}


As anyone who reads my blog, or knows me personally knows…I LOVE meeting new, sweet families! Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing one of these, the Bath Family. Bill & Deanna have 2 (big) boys that made me laugh all afternoon! Grayson (2) and Harrison (6 months) were so sweet and calm, qualities I don’t see very often in my household…so I loved it! I’ve never seen a 2 year old love to smile as much as Grayson…such a little ham. Hope you enjoy their sneak peek…



Welcome baby Gilmore!!

March 5, 2012

Charlotte, NC Newborn Photographer {HELLO WORLD}

I met 6 day old little Gilmore yesterday, and couldn’t have been any happier seeing another tiny & fabulous little one! Mine has grown too big, too quick so I will take any chance I can get to cuddle another tiny peanut. Gilmore was only 6 lbs 9oz, so she is a little one for sure. (my favorite) She was the PERFECT baby for her newborn photoshoot…slept pretty much the whole time. Victoria & Jason couldn’t be any more wrapped around this little ones finger, and it makes my heart so happy! Looking forward to watching her grow up, enjoy her sneak peek…

Senior moments with Lindsey

March 4, 2012: Denver, NC  {SENIOR SESSION}

LOVE seniors…this may be one of my new favorite kind of sessions. It’s all about one beautiful or handsome senior and my camera. It’s fabulous. Lindsey is a senior at East Lincoln and we had such an awesome time yesterday playing out in the windy cold. They took us to an incredibly old home from the 1800’s and it made for a really fun photo session. Lindsey is a natural and the camera adores her. Hope you enjoy her sneak peek…

The Mahaley Family

March 3, 2012: Belmont, NC  {Family Session}


What a fun session I had yesterday, Melissa & Ben have the cutest lil guy, Easton…and I got to spend the afternoon playing with him. They are a wonderful family and adore their little man too! We hoped for a clear day…and thank goodness, it stayed clear. Hope you enjoy their sneak peek…I had a hard time narrowing it down to which ones I would post, LOVE them all…