Stephanie + Stephen

November 27, 2011: Cornelius, NC  {Couples session}


Stephanie and Stephen are such an adorable couple and we had a lot of fun yesterday! This November weather has been amazing and it was another warm day! Here is their sneak peak…



Ginny + Woody + ONE

November 27, 2011: Cornelius, NC  {Baby BUMP session}


How cute are these two love birds…their story is phenomenal and one their children & grandchildren will one day admire them for. I am so excited for Ginny & Woody, their new addition will be here so soon and she’ll be gorgeous! Ginny and I are due only a couple weeks apart…but she just has this adorable little bump to show for it. (I can’t say the same for myself!) I loved capturing them and you could hear/see how much Woody adores Ginny all morning.  They are going to be awesome parents and welcome little Abigail into such a loving world! Here is their sneak peak…


The Harris Cousins

November 26, 2011: Belmont, NC  {Family Session}


Shelly was an awesome aunt and mommy and brought all 5 of her kids & her nieces and nephews to me yesterday for an evening session in Belmont.  5 kids were a lot more fun then I expected…and we had awesome weather for it! They all have different personalities and I love how they all showed them throughout the photos. Here is a quick sneak peak….


The Robinson’s

November 26, 2011: Denver, NC  {Family Session}


Another fun morning session with the Robinson’s and their handsome little man, Davis. I got a history lesson while capturing this beautiful family as well…very cool spot we used in our photos! 🙂 I could eat Davis up and his sweet little voice. Hope you enjoy their sneak peak…

The Thompson Family

November 25, 2011: Harrisburg, NC  {Family Session}


Mindy, Cam and their daughter Stella met me in Harrisburg close to their home for a fun family session. Their daughter is such a sweetie and loved just being a kid! We had a great time running around and capturing some silly moments! Hope you enjoy…

The Burroughs Family

November 25, 2011: Davidson, NC  {Family Session}


The Burroughs are another strong-willed family that made the trek up to Davidson from Fort Mill EXTRA early on black Friday in the freezing cold! They ROCK! Once we got over the frost covering the ground we had fun! 🙂 They are a super sweet family with breath-takingly gorgeous little girls. Being out-numbered by women, Justin just does everything to make his wife happy…these kind of men are rare and an awesome find! Kinley & Hayden could be little girl’s clothing models…just precious! Hope you enjoy their sneak peak (hiding all the best for their Christmas cards this year!)…



The Kastler Gang

November 23, 2011: Cornelius, NC  {Family Session}


Love the Kastlers and all their gorgeous babies…I am thinking they should even have 1 more! 🙂 This is just a little sneak peak from their session yesterday because I don’t want to spoil their adorable Christmas card this year! Susan’s adorable sister, Emily and her husband came along for a few shots as well…and I hope they get a beautiful Christmas card also this year!!! Since I am posting this today, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We all have more then we even could write to be thankful for. I am so thankful for all of you who read my blog and support this growing hobby of mine. I love it more everyday and am so blessed to be fortunate enough to do what I ADORE! 🙂 Hope you enjoy…xo

The Davis Family

November 21, 2011: Davidson, NC  {Family Session}


I always love hearing about each family’s past & how each couple’s relationship began…but Amber & Christopher’s takes the cake! They have been dating since MIDDLE SCHOOL! I still can’t believe it, that is incredible! What a story their sweet little man, Jackson will get to grow up knowing about his parents. Jackson is 7 months old and the cutest little doll ever. His blue eyes will melt you in a second flat.  We had a fun time beating the storm that night to get some sweet shots of their adorable family! Hope you enjoy…

The Torpy Family

November 20, 2011: Cornelius, NC  {Family Session}

I have discovered that two year olds are my hardest clients…they love me when my camera is tucked away from my face but hate me the second I pull it close. Sure, they’ll dance and sing yo gabba gabba with me all day, but not if my camera is near. The Torpy’s have a sweet little two year old, Paige who I just perfectly described! They also have the most perfect 5 year old I have ever shot, John. He just wanted to sit and smile at me from the moment he got out of the car. They are a beautiful family with lots of fun energy…I enjoyed every minute of capturing their special moments! 🙂 Enjoy their sneak peak…

The Coleman Family

November 19, 2011: Cornelius, NC  {Family Session}


The Colemans are a wonderful family that live right down the street from me and we had a great time trying to pause their two boys for a couple quick shots! 🙂 I love that their boys are like mine and would much rather be playing with sticks and finding fun adventures then smiling at a crazy blonde with a camera smashed in her face! I will admit– as soon as I put my camera down they were all smiles and ready for their kodak moment! 🙂 Hope you enjoy…