The Statis Family

October 30, 2011: Harrisburg, NC  {Family Session}


I just adore meeting new, fun families! 🙂 The Statis family were such a pleasure to photograph and they brought their sweet dog, Rocko along for the ride. Jennifer & Dave have children with the most incredible skin I have ever laid eyes on! Their kids, Lily & Ben look like porcelain dolls with eyes that pop too! We went to a fun location in Harrisburg and captured their first EVER professional family photos! I can’t imagine what my kids will be like at these pre-teen ages, but it scares me…such minds of their own. Hope you enjoy their sneak peak as much as I did capturing them…


The Hampton Girls

October 30, 2011: Cornelius, NC  {Children/Family session}


I have spent a lot of time with these beauties in the past few months and they always brighten my day! Although there was a freeze warning we were all troopers and the sun warmed us up! Since they want to surprise everyone for the Christmas cards this year, I am only posting 1 sneak peak until the cards are sent out! Hope you enjoy…


The Williams Family

October 27, 2011: Cornelius, NC  {Family Session}

I love their love…the way he looks at her, such a gentleman (sorry Trey for embarrassing you, if it does) and the way she adores him. I love them. The need 10 more kids to share the love with. Sweet Mary Caroline and Quade are adorable and so loved as well! I hope you can see the magic in these few photos I have posted…

The COLE crew

October 26, 2011: Cornelius, NC  {Family session} 


Beautiful family, kids and great friends of mine…the Cole’s are ready for the Holidays as much as I am! Olivia is just now 8 months and such a tiny sweet pea, and Tyler is 3 and one of my son’s best buddies! Hope you enjoy…


The McCormick Family

October 24, 2011: Cornelius, NC   {Family session}


This is yet another family that represents what we all want when we grow up…lots of Love & Happiness! 🙂 The McCormicks are so full of life & positivity- they can’t help but have it wear off on those around them! We had such a fun time exploring our exciting land we used for our session…the kids LOVED finding, picking and eating grapes from the vineyards and I think I enjoyed them just as much. I loved playing & pretending to “work” with their gang, I hope you can see all the truth in their photographs.



The Switzer Family

October 23, 2011: Hamptonville, NC   {Family Session}


Family fun day! We all piled into one SUV and made the trip an hour north to a fun and AMAZING farm in Hamptonville, NC. Couldn’t have picked a better crew to road trip with…the Switzer family is wonderful! We had a blast checking out all the sights and cool stuff they had to offer…and somewhere in between I captured some family moments 🙂 Rolling hills, unbelievable clydesdales, black fences, gorgeous barns and everything you could possibly dream up on a farm in heaven–all we did was add an adorable family with 3 wild boys to the beauty! Hope you enjoy!!


The Howard Family

October 23, 2011: Davidson, NC  {Family session}

I know this is a teaser but I am only going to let you peak at one photo from today’s fun morning session in Davidson. The Howard’s want to surprise everyone with their adorable Christmas cards, so I won’t spoil their fun! Love this family dearly…and their amazing little girls. Great people make great moments…enjoy!!

(PS- I’ll post some more sneak peaks of their session after the Christmas cards are out! )